GenAir’s high pressure diesel compressors can operate either at 900cfm (25.5m3/min) at 500psi (35barg) or 1050cfm (29.7m3/min) at 350psi (24barg) with just the push of a button. Supplied complete with intercooler and water-separator to reduce liquid water in the supplied air, these heavy-duty compressors are ideal for a wide range of applications that demand a combination of both high pressure and high flow that is especially useful for large diameter and depth geotechnical works. They also include spark arrestor and overspeed protection and as such can be used in hazardous environments such as petro-chemical sites.

  • Dual flow
  • High Pressure capability
  • Rugged design
  • Low noise output
  • Water separator and after-cooler
  • Full shift fuel tank (direct feed capability)
  • User-friendly controller
  • Refinery equipment (inlet shut down valve and spark arrestor) on request
  • Download a specification sheet here


GenAir 900cfm 500psi diesel compressor
Technical Data
Max. working pressure 35barg (500psi)
Max. free air delivery 25.5m3/min (900cfm)
Fuel tank capacity 796litres
Fuel consumption (full load) 99 litres/hr
Noise level (LpA) @@ 7m 74dB(A)
Length Inc. adjustable tow bar 4547mm
Width 2235mm
Height 2515mm
Weight 7126kg

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