Our desiccant dryer rental fleet includes units dedicated to oil free applications. These units have never been run with oil injected compressors which, along with our rigorous cleaning and maintenance schedule, ensures that we have dryers suitable for any application from blasting situations where the air needs to be dry to food or pharmaceutical production which requires the air to not only be dry but absolutely clean.

GenAir’s desiccant dryers offer cutting edge technology working to -70°c PDP (Pressure dew point), covering a wide range of flows and pressures up to 49barg, thus providing market leading control over the level of moisture within your process whatever your requirement. Bespoke control of these units enables you to change the dryer’s duty instantly to suit your application making Genair desiccant dryers the most versatile in the market.

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Ultra Low Emission Zone Compliant
GenAir Low Pressure Desiccant Dryer
Technical Data
Max. working pressure 10barg (150psi)
Max. free air delivery 50m3/min (1800cfm)
Pressure dew point -40°C (-70°C on request)
Type Heatless Desiccant
Max. inlet temperature Up to 32°C
Filtration Down to 0,01μ
Width 1880mm
Height 2120mm
Weight 3200kg

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